Demo Reel from Alex W. Wong on Vimeo.

Demo Reel Shot Breakdown:

00:00 – From The Purge. Hand-drawn. Touched up in AfterEffects.
00:22 – From Suck It Up! Modeled vacuum and everything seen in the repairman’s shop in Maya. Also shaded/textured everything in repairman’s shop (except for vacuum). Responsible for all animation seen except for the night scene in the repair shop. Responsible for all lighting here.
01:13 – Facial modeling and rigging.
01:44 - Modeled, textured, rigged, and animated a character.
01:57 - Procedural shading.
02:03 – Animation done with AfterEffects.
Music: R.E.M.'s New Orleans Instrumental No.1


Suck It Up! from Alex W. Wong on Vimeo.

A little vacuum discovers he likes food more than dirt.

My contributions:

Animation: All daytime scenes up until the choking of the owner.
Modeling: Vacuum, hands, lightbulb, screwdriver, surgery table, repair room.
Lighting: All lighting except for some of the night kitchen scene.
Texture/Shading: Surgery table, hands, lightbulb, screwdriver, outside of windows.
Also heavily contributed to story, layout, and art direction.


A creature attempts to purge himself of lingering guilt.


One of my first animations.  The assignment was to be inspired by a "masterpiece."  I chose Kill Bill and Mozart's Symphony #25.


Recorded video of a my partnered graphics course final project.

Coded using OpenGL. 

Collaboration on the flight path, which is a series of Bezier curves. The equation determines the position of the aircraft, the derivative at a point determines the direction the craft is facing, and the second derivative at a point determines the tilt of the craft.

I implemented the normal mapping on the terrain, as well as the aircraft shader which is a combination of a metal shader and a rim lighting shader.

My partner created the terrain using a Perlin noise function, and he carved the path for the plane using the Bezier curves mentioned.

Exists within a skybox.

Model of aircraft taken from TurboSquid.